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You can fulfill your pledge

At the end of March we are going to send an email to all our bakers to start the transition from crowdfunding platform “lánzanos” to our own online shop, where we’ll manage all shipments. Well, if in that moment we asked you to check your account’s information in, now it’s time to complete the process by confirming the pledge level you want for Heroquest 25º Aniversary and the add ons in the huge parcel that you’ll receive at home.

You only have to visit the online store with your baker account, click the Heroquest section on your left and add what you want. We have created a customized coupon on the exact amount each baker paid through “Lánzanos” and if you change or add nothing, the only thing you’ll have to pay for will be the shipping costs, calculated according to method of delivery and size you choose.


Miniatures and concept art

This weekend we had a great time during Desafío Wargames convention in Zaragoza. We are glad we have been able to meet many of you and to know your impressions to the last miniatures and concept art we´ve been working on first hand. It’s been amazing, but we could´t come back to the dungeon without sharing with you all the videos about unpublished material we are preparing for the event…

Sello carta

No one said it would be easy

Three months ago we went into radio silence in quite a sudden and unexpected way. The process of putting to work the reward manager for the Lánzanos campaign at our online store has been (and still is) a real torture and the attacks against the server succeeded in ending our patience.

The team in charge of developing the HeroQuest 25th Anniversary Edition, the game, the drawings and the miniatures, has been kept completely apart from all these problems for their own sanity (we all are draining our mind points to the max), and during this period of time we have made great progress in the game production. We have dozens of new illustrations, we have finished quite a bunch of miniatures and we are about half the way of the trial-and-error process of refining their models, although we are taking giant leaps in some areas such as getting maximum value from the 3D printing technology we are using to get the final moulds.

Everything goes just fine, but there is an event, a disturbance in the Force, that has forced us to leave this creative confinement. As many of you already know, next week will take place at Zaragoza the Desafío Wargames weekend (on June 28th and 29th), an event we will be attending to show you a preview of the current state of things, but, contrary to what you might have heard here and there, we won’t make any physical display of the game or its components.

We would really love to have everything done by then and take the rest of the summer as well-deserved vacations, but that is just not possible. We still have plenty of work ahead of us and we feel it is not appropriate to show you just a small portion of it. What we will show you at Zaragoza is a new video, a huge update of the current work in which you will be able to see the current state of things.

Sello carta

You’ve Got Mail [Updated]

No, it has nothing to do with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie, seriously. All our backers have a Mentor e-mail waiting for an answer and it is important. Have a nice weekend!

Update: We already had the feeling that the transition process from Lánzanos to our online store was not going to be as smooth as we would like it to be (and that’s why we left the rewards and add-ons confirmations to the next stage of the process), but we have to acknowledge that we were not able to foresee some of the setbacks we have suffered. The good news is that when you read these lines two out of the three main incidences should have been already solved: the data miscrossing and the impossibility to save your changes. The third one, those accounts that do not show up as registered, only affects a small number of backers and we have opened a support hot line to solve it individually: Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.