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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we receive tons of mail, and although we try to answer each one as soon as possible, I think it’s time to offer you a new list of frequent questions and answers to solve the most common of them all…


The preorder of the game starts!

While we’re finalizing the first video about the rules (we’re really stuck on it, but we’d like to use final components) we have some other news for the ones who missed our Lánzanos crowdfunding campaign and want to get the 25th anniversary edition of the game.

In our online store, you will find the preorder of this HeroQuest limited edition, which we hope we’ll be able to start sending along with the ones from the backers this spring. With a price of 110€, it is exactly the same box as the first level of the campaign except for the absence of the special FOUNDER logo, and it will be as exclusive as this one; when stocks run out, it will be over. No more editions like this one will be produced and we’ll start commercializing the standard version of the game, which will be known as HeroQuest Classic.

The preorder also includes as a gift an extra miniature of your choice, from the wizards Zargon or Morcar. Shortly you’ll be able to get them in our online store along with any rewards from the campaign (from the additional miniatures to the modular board tiles, heroic cards or quest book volume II) and other new ones which we have planned for our sculptors when they’re available. Did anyone mentioned Fire, Water, Earth and Air elementals?

Remember that Heroquest 25th anniversary will be published in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese (These last two will be only available under request) with all the printed content (rules, cards and adventures) translated for each language. besides our online store, you can also turn to e-Minis, our official distributor in Spain, or any of our international distributors to preorder the game or to ensure units for stores. You’ll get the gift miniature included in the pre-sale in either case.


Warning backers! Deadline to validate your order!

The 28th of February is the deadline for backers to validate your orders and to confirm all your personal information accessing via Gamezone with your backer account. If you have already done this, please check it out one last time. It’s really important for us to close this chapter, and those who don’t do this will miss the first wave of shipments. And we don’t want that, do we?

This is a very simple process and it has a detailed guide on how to manage your account, as well as the next step-by-step video (with English and Spanish subtitles) which shows you how to confirm your order, change it to add more items, use the discount voucher with the amount you already paid in Lánzanos…

If you find any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You backers are our highest priority and we’re really looking forward for you to be the first to enjoy HeroQuest 25th anniversary.



We know it. Long time ago you’ve been waiting for news about us and we owe you more than an explanation. For better or for worse, our policy has always been from the very beginning to be focused on the creation of the commemorative 25th anniversary edition of one of the best dungeon crawler boardgames in history.

When in November 2013 we told you that we had little time to fulfill de project, but still we could have the game ready for Christmas 2014, we really didn’t know how many problems we’d have to face. Everything started with kickstarter, which delayed the project a whole month until the relaunch of our crowdfunding.

Believe me when I tell you that we did everything we could to adjust and keep the schedules to avoid further delays. We even gave up our holidays, but there are still many pieces of the puzzle that have to fit, and we are not willing to let haste to affect quality. We want this product to be really special, and if we have to miss a promise, we prefer it to be one which you’ll forget as soon as you’ve got your game at home.

No, unfortunately we won’t make it for Christmas. The project is operating in a smooth manner and we’re really on the final sprint, but as hard as this is for us (and believe us, we are less than enthusiastic to let Christmas season go) it’s precisely now when we must walk a fine line, taking care of the last details on the production of your HeroQuest materials.

It is still not possible, however, to give any date for when everything will be ready, but instead we are going to offer you an image of the project’s current status, which will be kept up to date in our next frequent updates:


As you can see, the basic rule book and the heroic rule book are almost finished. The adventures are really advanced, and the remaining job is mainly literary. Regarding the miniatures and scenography, they are practically completed by now and we have the warehouse filled with boxes waiting for the game to be finished.

The illustrators are flating out, finishing the illustrations until they’re completely satisfied for the rules and adventure book layout to be started. The printing and of course de handling and sending are at 0%, but as we’re committed to working with companies within the national territory, once we’re started everything will move very quickly.

You won’t have to wait for too long to hear about us. In a few days we’ll start publishing some videos about the main aspects of the rules so… Resist! The waiting will be well worth it