One more thing before clicking “print”

After these intensive and exhausting months with average summer temperatures up to 42ºC, we can finally confirm that we are now in the final phase of the project. We still have some improvements to make to the game before being sent to your homes, and also we can not set any date yet, but definitely we’re closer than ever to finish this adventure started a year and a half ago.

Nowadays we are finishing everything related to printed materials and there’s an important detail we need to confirm before going to print. It’s about the name, nickname AND/or inscription that will appear inside the box together with the backer’s numbered certificate. Most of you already did it when you confirmed your order by the end of February, but many are still lagging behind and checking once again never hurts.

There’s no point in sending this inscription by email. You have to write it in the comment field in our online store (minute 1:44). We know you’re on holidays, but please, do it before next Friday 21st of August. That’s the final deadline. By the way, there’s enough space for you to write your name or nickname and an inscription, so let your imagination run free.

Time is running out!


Miniature painted by Pablo El Marques

Muros derruidos Tablero Alfa

Final board and a surprise

It’s been a long time since we first showed you the Heroquest 25th anniversary board, but we think that the effort we have all made was worthwhile. All of you may remember that we had a double-sided board: side A with the classic dungeon and side B with the outer ruins. In addition, as an optional extra, we have a double-sided folding board, that rises from breaking down the classic dungeon into tiles and also with an alternative version on the other side.

In many cases this second face of the modular board only has an alternative illustration, but the other ones are completely different and they directly affect the game development. Thus, for example, the central chamber of the board becomes a dangerous well with a narrow edge surrounding it, while some corridors are flooded, slowing-down our heroes.

For a wider range of options, we finally got three extra pieces with a total of six special rooms, which you’ll be able to use either to modify the main board or to combine with the modular to expand its limits in any way you prefer. But that’s not all, and here comes the surprise.

Héroes HeroQuest Classic

Heroes, corrections and a break

Hello again adventurers! What about your holidays? We could´t even remember the sunlight and we really needed a break. After a long time working so hard, we decided to close the workshop for Easter, for all the team to build up our batteries. It worked! and although this morning we needed a few gallons of coffee, we’re ready to start.

Firstly, there were a couple of corrections in the last update. Initially we pretended the doors to work the way we described, with two pieces fitting together (the frame and the door), but finally we decided to produce this set element separately. In other word, we will have an open door marker and a close door marker. So, when a hero stands opposite a close door and opens it, you replace an element for the other one and…. it’s done! Faster, durable and with fewer problem for you to paint it. This is how the game has now 18 open doors and 4 close doors. If you need more, shortly you will find 5 door packs to choose from.

The second correction is about the size of the box. The double-sided folded board dimensions are 57×78 cm (22.44 x 30.70 inches), so we believe that the Heroquest 25th anniversary box size will be around 58×40 cm (22.83 x 15.74 inches). We will tell you more about it as soon as we have the white prototype from the print and we check how it all fits together.

Sello carta

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we receive tons of mail, and although we try to answer each one as soon as possible, I think it’s time to offer you a new list of frequent questions and answers to solve the most common of them all…